Jazz & Blues Report
(November 1994 • issue 196)

Charged Particles

Charged Particles

Skoolkids’ Records

With this self-titled album on Skoolkids’ Records, this Columbus, Ohio group is making a splash on the Midwest jazz scene. When I first heard the band name, I figured they were a rock group. Now that I’ve heard this CD, I can tell you they most definitely play contemporary jazz, collectively creating a sound that incorporates elements of Latin, pop, funk, mainstream jazz, and classical styles. Keyboardist Caleb Hutslar admires Chick Corea, bassist Michael Rak idolizes Jaco Pastorius and John Patitucci, and drummer Jon Krosnick gleans from studies with Peter Erskine, with influences of Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd. Together, this illustrious trio creates fresh, energized jazz that shows off their technical mastery as well as refined approach. Forging a dynamic trio session, Charged Particles is definitely dazzling.

By Nancy Ann Lee

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